This is just an example of salads and accompanying dishes we can provide for you. We are always open to special requests and will always try to offer seasonal produce, it just tastes better!


Cos/Romaine lettuce, crispy bacon & croutons with a traditional dressing.


Spinach, orange and toasted pine-nuts

Seasonal Mixed

Mixed salad leaves with tomatoes, Cucumber, red and green peppers

Mixed Leaf

A selection of quality salad leaves according to season


Our own home made coleslaw Cucumber Cucumber, mint and cr?me fraiche

Italian Tomato

Tomato, Mozzarella cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette and basil leaves

French Tomato

Tomatoes, red onion, vinaigrette dressing and basil leaves

Chive Potato

Potato salad with mayonnaise & chives

Nutty Potato

Potato salad with mayonnaise, spring onions and walnuts

Peppery Potato

Potato Salad with a pink peppercorn vinaigrette

Italian Pasta

Fusilli with black olives, flat leaf parsley and green pesto

Herby Pasta

Fusilli with an olive oil, lemon and fresh herb dressing

Oriental Rice

Rice salad with peppers and a sweet & sour oriental dressing

Hot Potatoes

Hot buttered baby potatoes

Greek salad

Cherry tomatoes, olives, mint, cucumber and feta cheese.